<![CDATA[The Write Knight - W.K. Blog]]>Sat, 21 Nov 2015 19:38:31 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[What's in a name?]]>Mon, 23 Jan 2012 05:10:33 GMThttp://robgrahambooks.weebly.com/wk-blog/whats-in-a-name    My son happened to be reading a book when he exclaimed that he didn't believe it.  There could be no way.  He ran to the computer and looked it up online and low and behold the place mentioned in his book actually existed.  What was it?  Where was it?    It was Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, in Massachusetts, USA.  Yeah, say that ten times real fast.  I thought this was awesome enough to inspire me to write an entire post on strange and weird names of places around the globe.  Let's see how that fairs.

Å in Norway.  If my sources are correct it means small river.
Accident, Maryland.  Yeah, I'd avoid that as well.
Ai Ohio,  For the sci fi fan in you.
Apples Switzerland, I like apples.  They keep the doctor away.
Asbestos Quebec, Glad they get free healthcare.
Assawoman Virginia, I want to visit, but my wife won't let me.
Atomic City Idaho... nuff said.
Avenue Road, a main street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I read there are six in London.  Obvious to me that there are people out there who can not make up their minds.
Bad Axe Michigan, Throw it out, get a new one.
Banana, Queensland, Australia.  If we could get Apples with Bananas we could have a fruit salad.
Bang Bang Jump Up, a rock formation in Australia.  I guess you had to be there.
Barf (Lake District), hill in the Lake District, England.  It's where all the people go to party till you puke.
Bastard Township Ontario... I will keep this one to myself.
Batman, Batman Province and Batman River, Turkey.  Right next to the lovely Boy Wonder forest.  I had to get a drink after that dry joke.  (Cough)
Big Ugly Wilderness Area, West Virginia.  WHAT?
Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania.  Versus the Two-in-the-bush to the east.
Blue Ball, Pennsylvania.  (ALSO COMES IN BUCKEYE FOR YOU OHIO FOLKS)  Guys, you know this is funny.
Bong County, Liberia.  I thought that was illegal there as well?
Bong Recreational Area, Wisconsin.  Wow, that's really catching on!
Booger Mountain, North Carolina.  Next to the FINGER TIP.
Boring Oregon.  Not much to do there.
Boulevard Street, the name of streets in Lowell, Massachusetts.  Again with not being able to make up their minds.  Which is it already?
Bumpass, Virginia.  Either they don't have enough room to maneuver or its a new dance craze.
Butt Hole Lane, Conisbrough, England.  I think my ex lives there.
Cape Catastrophe, South Australia.  I can't find this in the news.  What happened there?
Cape Disappointment, Oregon.  The settlers got there, then turned around and left.
Cape Foulwind, South Island, New Zealand.  Is it downwind from something bad?
Cape St. George-Petit Jardin-Grand Jardin-De Grau-Marches Point-Loretto, Newfoundland, Canada.  OK, this is the worse case of not being able to make up your mind that I have ever seen.  PICK ONE.
Center of the World, Ohio.  OK, it's obvious they haven't looked at a map lately.
Climax, Colorado, Climax, Michigan, Climax, Minnesota, Climax, Georgia.  A place my wife wants to go, but I won't take her.
Clit, Arad, Romania.  Near G Spot down the xway to... just Google it.
Come-by-Chance, Newfoundland.  You don't plan to go there, you just get there somehow.
Conception Bay, Newfoundland.  Honey, I've been meaning to tell you about how you were born...
Conception Junction, Missouri.  That was where your little brother came from.
Condom, Gers, France.  Well they didn't come from there, did they...
Crap, Albania.  I vote to name the town NUMBER TWO.
Crapolla, Italy.  Same here, cosa meno importante, or, numero due.
Devil's Beef Tub, Scotland (A large depression where border rievers hid stolen cattle)  YEAH RIGHT!
Dickshooter Reservoir in Idaho.  Now that just sounds painful.
Dismal, Tennessee.  I kinda like Tennessee, but now....
Double Trouble, New Jersey.  I can't say enough about this one.  I'll leave it to you, my readers.
Earth, Texas.  What planet was that again?
Eek, Alaska.  That's what you say when you realize where you are.
Eighty Eight, Kentucky.  OK, I have lived in Kentucky most of my life and have never once been here.  Kids, time for a road trip.  My only question is... Eighty Eight WHAT?
Embarrass, Minnesota and in Wisconsin.  Surprised they were not embarrassed to share this.
Fair Play, South Carolina.  Sounds like nice folk.
Fairdealing, Kentucky.  It's a lie, all a lie!
Fairy, Texas.  For those fantasy lovers.  I don't think Texans would admit to this one unless they lived there.
Fancy Farm, Kentucky.  Ummm... that's about all there are in Kentucky, Fancy Farms.
Fearsville, Kentucky.  Scariest place on Earth.  No kidding... no really.
Fingringhoe, Essex, England.  I'm sorry... I can't stop... laughing....
Foggy Bottom, Washington, DC.  Not to be confused with Soggy Bottom in the same area.
Fresh Kills, Staten Island.  No wonder they get a bad rap.
Frisby on the Wreake, Leicestershire, England.  My Frisby is on the Roof.
Fucking, Austria.  That's right, I said it.  Another place my wife won't let me go.
Fuk Man Road, Hong Kong.  hmmm.... mhmmm... hmmmmm... on to the next one.
Fukyu, Japan.  Very inviting.
Giggleswick, North Yorkshire, England.  Where do they come up with these names?
Goonoo Goonoo, New South Wales, Australia (pronounced "gunna g'noo").  I can only hope it was an Aboriginal name.
Gorsafawddacha'idraigodanheddogleddollônpenrhynareurdraethceredigion, a train station in Gwynedd, Wales.  They would need like nine train cars to put that on it.  In related stories, that's the sound I make when I'm getting sick.
Gothom City, Wisconsin.  Batman is from the cheese state?
Gropecunt Lane, England, United Kingdom.  Now who says they don't have a sense of humor?

    OK, I could go on and on through the entire alphabet, but I need sleep sometime this week.  My comments were meant only as humor.  I truly hope if any of my readers are from any of these areas, that they can see the humor in it as well and laugh along with us.

    If you want a complete list of these places GO HERE.
<![CDATA[To self-pub or not to self-pub...]]>Sat, 14 Jan 2012 05:57:26 GMThttp://robgrahambooks.weebly.com/wk-blog/to-self-pub-or-not-to-self-pub    I hear a great deal of heated debates over self publication versus traditional publishing.  I can offer a few pros and cons of each, but would also love to hear what my readers think.

Complete control of the work.
100% of profit goes to the author.
Quicker turn around, faster manuscript to printed page.

Can be costly to do yourself.
Author is expected to be and do everything from promotion to sales
Smaller Voice, what I mean by that is that large publishers and some small ones, have a wide distribution whereas the author themselves may not.
If book does not do well, author eats the loss.

Traditional Publishing:
Less cost to the author
Author does not have to do everything themsleves, although most do promote themselves as it is expected these days.
Larger distribution network
If the book tanks, the author does not lose monetarily.

Has less control over one's creative works
Have to share profit with publisher and in many cases, with an agent
Takes longer to get book from contract signing to printed page.

    These examples are not the beat all to end all and are in no way exhaustive.  I would like you to share your knowledge with us or if you can expand on the examples above, I invite you to do so.

Share with us your wisdom of experience or from other's experience and as always KEEP WRITING!
<![CDATA[Your last days on Earth]]>Wed, 28 Dec 2011 16:21:23 GMThttp://robgrahambooks.weebly.com/wk-blog/your-last-days-on-earth    This post is dedicated to my latest story about a young man who thinks only of himself until he finds himself alone, the last of his race.  It changes his perspective and nearly drives him mad.  Believe it or not, this has a happy ending.

    What would you do if you were the last human alive?  Would it be good for you?  Would it be bad for you?  Would you go on or would you go mad?  If you had the means, would you search for other life on other planets?
    Give us your honest thoughts.

Rob Graham
<![CDATA[My Hiatus]]>Sat, 26 Nov 2011 19:44:02 GMThttp://robgrahambooks.weebly.com/wk-blog/my-hiatus     I am sorry to all my followers for no word in the past few months.  I am a right handed person and hurt my right hand at my "day job", which takes place at night oddly enough.  I have been writing my stories but limited to left hand use only.  I reserved my writing time for my personal writing goals alone.
     My hand is still in repair, but it is getting much better now.  The doctor says it was a splintered bone between my thumb and my index fingers that has caused the pain and swelling and that rest, ice and anti inflammatory medications were the way to recovery.  I'm almost there.  I have an appointment in a few days that will determine if I can return to work or not.
     I have written much since then, even with only one hand.  I have finished two novels, several short stories and numerous articles for my local news paper.
    I will not be writing much here till my hand is fully functional again.  Please keep coming
<![CDATA[A Young Girl's Dream]]>Tue, 16 Aug 2011 17:19:46 GMThttp://robgrahambooks.weebly.com/wk-blog/a-young-girls-dreamPicture
    This is my daughter Vanessa.  She is a Junior this year.  Her goal is to be a therapist of mental health.  Here she is holding my grandson, her nephew, and enjoying some time with the little tyke.  She is a smart young girl, good grades and helpful to her family.  She never asks for too much from us as she knows that our finances are tight to say the least due to the recession.
    She is taking French this year and in February her class will be taking a trip to France to learn more of the culture, the language and herself.  However, the finances come into play once again.  There are no scholarships for this trip and the funds for it will have to come out of pocket.
    For this reason I have set up a fundraiser for her in hopes to send her to Paris with her class, for her education and to reward her for being such a wonderful person.  Our family finances are in such a state that I can not back the entire trip alone.  I have begun collecting moneys from family and friends but they are not enough.  The fundraiser is for nearly half of what is needed, the rest I can pull from other resources to make sure this trip happens for her.
    I ask you, my readers, my online Twitter and Facebook friends to please give what you can.  The amounts are from 5.00 USD up to 2000 and would go a long way in making sure this special young woman gets a chance to go to Paris.
    Although she may someday go to France, it will not be in a learning environment and as such this trip is a once in a lifetime chance.  I don't make it a habit of begging for anything.  I have always been self sufficient enough to take care of my family but this one thing, I would and do beg anyone who would help.  Share with her, share this with your friends and family.  Send this awesome, sweet and intelligent young woman to France with her class.
    I will make sure she takes many great pictures of her experience, and I will post them here and on facebook for all to see how this has effected her life.  All of you can feel good about making this a reality for her.

    Click the link below and give what you can.  All transfers are through a certified PayPal account and are secure.


Thank you for any and all consideration you give.
Rob Graham

Funding for Vanessa.
<![CDATA[Dreamhouse Kings Book 1]]>Wed, 10 Aug 2011 02:03:53 GMThttp://robgrahambooks.weebly.com/wk-blog/dreamhouse-kings-book-1
House of Dark Shadows (Dreamhouse Kings, #1)House of Dark Shadows by Robert Liparulo
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good for a younger audience but very slow to start out. Characters were cliche but later became more enjoyable.

View all my reviews
House of Dark Shadows by: Robert Liparulo
<![CDATA[When the Guilty Go Free]]>Sun, 10 Jul 2011 06:53:25 GMThttp://robgrahambooks.weebly.com/wk-blog/when-the-guilty-go-free  Anthony was acquitted for the murder of her 2 year old daughter.  Although they cast a shadow of a doubt on the prosecution version of events, lets take a look at what the facts are shall we.
1. Her 2 year old was missing for over a month before the police were involved, and she never called the police about it.  It was the grandmother who reported smelling something dead in their garage.
2. The mother lied to investigators at least four times while they were investigating the case.
3. The child's body was found with duct tape on her mouth and so badly decomposed there was no way of determining the cause of death.  Maggots were found in the trunk of the mothers car but no traces of DNA
4. The mother and her defense lawyers changed their story multiple times.
5. The final story was that the child drowned in the pool and rather than facing neglect charges, both the mother and father taped her mouth and hid the body to make it look like murder.

    I'm sorry, with FACTS like these, Guilty should have been the only verdict for this monster who once called herself a mother.  Although I agree that if there is a shadow of a doubt, even if they are guilty, if there are no facts what so ever or enough of them to convict then set them free.  It beats the alternative of a worse system where you may not even get a trial, but as far as this blogger is concerned, the above FACTS say it all.  And to top if off, there are a flood of pictures of the mother smiling and laughing this all away because now she will go free.

    I am not a violent person, I will leave that to those who are, but I am outraged by this news. 
The only solace I see in this, she will have to hide her face everywhere she goes, for the rest of her days.  There are far too many people sending death threats to her.  So much so, they will have to sneak her out of the facility where she is being held and they have decided to not release the names of the jurors. 

Here are a couple of the sites so you can check my facts I listed above. 


<![CDATA[No more Mr. Nice Guy]]>Tue, 05 Jul 2011 15:35:51 GMThttp://robgrahambooks.weebly.com/wk-blog/no-more-mr-nice-guy    This past few weeks have found my patience being stretched to their limits.  As a friend told me, "You're not the only one, you know."  and yes I do know this, but I am not concerned with what happens in others lives which is none of my business nor does it cause me stress.  I've decided to not be the nice guy anymore.  That's not to say I wont be a loyal friend, loving father and husband, because those things are paramount to me.  What I do mean is for those who continue to shit on me, and expect jovial ole Rob to keep a stiff upper lip, will find themselves without a pot to shit on and no loyal friend.  I wont go into great detail about who, when or why, but it goes without saying that if any of them read this blog - and a few of them do - will know exactly who I am talking about.  It's been a long time in coming.

    I have always placed friendships and family above all else.  Growing up with little of either, it is very important to me.  So, at my own fault, I become the loyal friend who would do anything in my power to help a friend, asking nothing in return.  It seems though that when I need, most of not all of these so called friends are no where to be found.  It was one such incident when I needed help with something, no one had the time.  Literally the next day three of them called for my help.  This hit me like a ton of bricks.

    So needless to say, I have decided to continue to help my "friends" but should they prove to be less those fair weathered friends, then I wash my hands of them and anyone else who cares to join them.  It seems that I have started to use this blog to rant, and I guess that is the best.  I have much more to say via the rant.

    If you have a rant, please leave it here.  It does make one feel better to get it off our chests.
<![CDATA[Family to the end]]>Fri, 01 Jul 2011 16:34:59 GMThttp://robgrahambooks.weebly.com/wk-blog/family-to-the-endMany of my readers are parents.  Many are old... errr... mature enough, to have young adult offspring.  Some off to college, some just about to graduate high school, perhaps even some who just mooch off of you and live in your basement.  What ever the arrangement you have, it sometimes seems a moot point.
I for one am a Father of three children.  I have two daughters and a son.  My children's ages range from twelve years old to eighteen years old.  My eighteen year old daughter and my fifteen year old daughter are from my first marriage and have lived with me all their lives.
I have taught them to ride their bicycles, kissed their boo boos till they didn't hurt any more and yes, I even helped my daughters play dress up and barbies.
I taught them to never tease or show any aggression towards those who are different, instead joining with them and befriending them as they undoubtedly will be their best friends in most cases.  I have even showed them to have compassion for lesser creatures such as animals and even insects.
Now I am faced with my children wanting to move away from me.
With my oldest it is understandable.  She is in college, has a child of her own and works hard, but her affection for her father seems to have waned in some ways.  This past father's day I received a text from her, "Happy Father's Day"  end text.
My youngest daughter is now wanting to move in with her mother who rarely calls or comes to see her, and pays her child support even less often.  Her mother is moving out of state and my daughter will go with her.  My baby girl whom I home schooled at an early age, served as President of the Parents Committee and volunteered for many other events to benefit her and her class mates.  These things earned me several awards not the least of which was Parent of the Year as well as Outstanding Father of the Year.  Now she wants to leave.
I have not stopped her from ever seeing her mother.  I have never held child support over her mother's head to keep her from seeing her children.  I have never spoken ill of their mother even when she broke many dates with them when they were small.  I did however console them when their hearts were broken because of it.
I have a hard time understanding why they would want to leave.  I have a hard time understanding why they have turned so cold to me.  Perhaps its just that they have taken for granted that I have always been there and know that I will be here for them until I am no longer living.  No matter what they do, where they go, or who they befriend, I will always be here for them.  I know this, they know this.  I just hope they realize how important family can be while I am alive.
I hope that all of you do well with your families.  Take nothing for granted.  Every single moment can be a special moment that they will remember forever.  Create those moments, do things together.  Never be too busy, or wait till tomorrow, or push them away because you have a headache.  Your heart will ache more if you do.
God bless you all.
<![CDATA[I Brought the Gutter REVIEW]]>Thu, 16 Jun 2011 17:27:57 GMThttp://robgrahambooks.weebly.com/wk-blog/i-brought-the-gutter-reviewPicture
I Brought the Gutter
Art and Writing by Sean Dietrich
2010 Colosseum Publishing

    I have chatted with Sean a few times since our interview and found him to be the most passionate about art of any artist I have ever had the pleasure.  His style is his own, he is resolved and absolute in his endeavors.

     He has given me leave to look over some of his past work and I hope I can do it justice in this review of I Brought the Gutter.

“It’s trough to start a book like this simply for the fact that to sift through ten years of live painting not only brings up so many anecdotes and memories from the performances themselves, but also it makes me releft on the last ten years of my life.”
Sean Dietrich – Excerpt from I Brought the Gutter.

     These art pieces from the last decade of his life are brought together into one work.  Not only as an over time enlightenment for the reader, but as a reflection of his journey in art as well as the thoughts and feelings that pulling these pieces together brings to the artist himself.

“I’ve only been a full-time artist living on the money I make off of my art solely, for four years now, though I’ve been drawing steady for 30 and published since I was 15.  The rest of the time my days were spent thinking just as much of work as it was my art.  I was not born into money, not was I raised to believe that art is a “fine” thing in life – it’s not.  It’s a brutal tearing down of one’s self that hopefully manifests into something that balances money making with artistic integrity.”
Sean Dietrich – Excerpt from I Brought the Gutter.

In speaking with Sean, I have learned he holds nothing back and makes no apologies for it.  He is an honest man seeking one goal, to spread his art to all who would view it.  Never once in our talks did he bring up money (Other than what he needed for his tour, which he has on Kickstart).  His honesty in the book I am reviewing is enlightening.  Not only does it teach you about Sean and his journey and inner self, but it makes you reflect on self as you read and view the art which is both a window to his life.

     “In the last ten years, I’ve met tens of thousands of people, destroyed many relationships, produced some of the best art of my career and had a friend die.  I’ve seen my work travel all over the world and have received some of the most endearing and thankful fan mail I could ever want – believe me., money is trivial when someone contacts you to say you inspired them.”
Sean Dietrich – Excerpt from I Brought the Gutter.

This book is not only for those who love art, but for those who want to know the artist beyond the mere canvas.  This book is far more than that.  He not only has painted his emotion onto blanks spaces, he has painted a new art in words.  I Brought the Gutter is a must read for any and all art enthusiasts and for anyone who just enjoys a great read, and art to boot.  I leave you with two more excerpts from Sean’s 2010 book.

“Creating art for these last 30 years has proven many things to me, not least of which is that it is an ever enigmatic process that – if applied correctly – will always keep you picking yourself apart, and wondering, through nervous, curious and confident thoughts, what is to come next.”

The Drink was used as a conversation starter and ice breaker – those wanting to find out what was inside my head used the age-old opening line, “What are you drinking?” and proceeded to buy me just that.  It is the greatest gesture I can think of in that situation because no matter what the mood it serves a purpose.  “Hey, great painting.  Let’s drink!” worked fine.  “Hey, rough night. Let’s drink something harder.” was even better.  “Hey someone stole something from your merch table, so let’s kill a bottle of whiskey and then use it to open up his rectum so he never has to use a laxative again”, was always the sign of an interesting night.”
Sean Dietrich – Excerpts from I Brought the Gutter.

You can learn more about Sean's tour, get some great artwork of your very own and help him share his vision on the path and learn about Sean's new book "Fruits of Our Labor Children's Book"  by following this link. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/seandietrich/the-fruits-of-our-labor-childrens-book-and-us-tour

And you can find out more about Sean here: http://www.industriacide.com/index.html